Mix and Match – 15 Bottles


Package Includes: 15 Bottles

Scrape 8 oz
Scrape Lure is a blend of fresh deer urine that is designed to fire up new and existing scrapes and calm deer around your stand all season.

Buck 8 oz
Our own formula of Rutting, Dominant and Young buck urine that will drive bucks crazy. Use with our Peak Estrus urine for a deadly combination.

Peak Estrus 4oz
Peak Estrus Certified frozen deer urine is the hottest buck lure available today and the closest replication of a wild doe in her peak heat. Peak is only available thru the Nationwide Scents.

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As a passionate hunter you deserve the best, which is exactly what you get with Nationwide Scents frozen fresh deer lure line.

After collecting, our urines are quickly frozen in their freshest possible state. This process stunts the natural decomposition of the organic material present in the fresh urine, ensuring that our products scent profile is maintained until you’re ready to use it in the field.
How to use:
  1. Per each hunt, according to the wind make two fresh scrapes about 20 yards on each side of your stand.
  2. For each scrape, pick a tree with low-hanging branches and make a 3 ft. circle by scraping away all leaves under the branches with your boots.
  3. Hang your favorite heated wick dispenser on a branch over each scrape and pour 1-2 ounces directly in to ground.
  4. If the terrain allows for access, make scent drags to your stand as well. To do so, tie a wick soaked in fresh urine to a string and drag it behind you as you walk towards your stand freshening wick every 80 yards.

Additional info:

  • No retail markup
  • Shipped frozen in insulated cooler
  • ATA Deer Protection Program participating member
  • CWD Certified Free since 2002
  • 2nd generation, family-owned farms with 700 whitetails

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Your rutting buck & estrous doe urine played a huge part in me harvesting a 179". 15 pt monster!!! Thanks for making a great product. Ray Keskeny


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