Early Season Pro Pack


Complete lure package for your early season hunts. Includes our most popular Early Season Lures, odor neutralizers and scent dispensing mist tops.

Early Season Pro Pack – 15% savings

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Early Season Pro Pack – 15% savings

Package includes

Buck 8 oz
Our own formula of Rutting, Dominant and Young buck urine that will drive bucks crazy.

Scrape 8 oz
Scrape Lure is a blend of fresh deer urine that is designed to fire up new and existing scrapes and calm deer around your stand all season.

Nationwide Scents Odor Neutralizer
Our spray is designed to neutralize and destroy odors and odor causing bacteria to get you closer to your desired game

Mist Top Atomizer Caps
Includes 2 Mist top atomizer caps, allowing you to mist the deer urine with a few quick bursts giving you a much broader target range.

Squirt Top Caps
Includes 2 twist top squirt caps that screw on our regular 8 oz bottles allowing you a no mess squirt on your wicks or squirt out of your stand to reach up to 20 feet.

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Weight 3 lbs


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